Frequently Asked Questions

New user--guide

Does Has MOQ?
Date Added: Tuesday 19 August, 2008 has no minimum order quantity, and we can ship single item samples or large orders worldwide.
How To Make An Order From ?
Date Added: Sunday 08 February, 2009
I Do Not Know How To Make Orders? Can You Help Me To Make An Order On Your Website? Here are some  step-by-step instructions to help you ... more info
Is It Safe To Shop At ?
Date Added: Sunday 08 February, 2009
At, we go to the extreme to ensure the safety of our customers' information. We do not store your payment information on the website. ... more info
After Payment,How Can I Check The Status Of My Order?
Date Added: Sunday 08 February, 2009
During the process of purchase, you should receive several emails from us. There will be an email confirming your order information, and we will also ... more info
Want To Order Some Products.
Date Added: Sunday 08 February, 2009
Please place orders using our online shop system for products you like. It is also very easy to register with and start ordering right away. ... more info

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