Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Trust
Date Added: Friday 08 August, 2008
Can I Trust If you have any doubts about importing from China, you're right to be cautious. Here's some key information about ... more info
Can An Order Be Made Without Using The Website?
Date Added: Tuesday 19 August, 2008
We prefer our customers to order through our website. You can place orders directly for the products you like. However, if you want to order in other ... more info
What If I Am Making A Large / Bulk Order?
Date Added: Tuesday 19 August, 2008
We will provide you with personal customer service for large volume wholesale orders and discuss the shipping options fully. For large volume order ... more info
How to ship products to me from
Date Added: Tuesday 19 August, 2008
Q: If I order products from, how to ship them to me? How much is the delivery? How can I trace my order?   A: currently ships ... more info
Payment Methods Accepted
Date Added: Tuesday 19 August, 2008
There are three ways in which you can pay for your taoxieyoua orders:     PayPal     Western Union     ... more info

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